Our Nursery Section Delivers Fine Learning Development in the Child

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TOTS Pre School of Bangalore offers a well structured nursery curriculum for the children in the age group 3 years. Our Nursery class is developed as the second successive stage in the pre schooling segment & include all the essential elements that are intrinsic to the child development and grooming The early conditioning of the child that takes place in the Playgroup is further built upon in the Nursery so that a sense of learning is developed.

We employ the best grooming patterns

Our Nursery class has worked out intricately as a fine ambience wherein the learning and understanding is synergized through the use of active concepts that involve mental exercising in an entertaining manner. Our Nursery curriculum is designed to offer the experiences through the playgroup methods so that there are no gaps in learning. We believe that nursery class is all about touch and feel. We have therefore worked out an appropriate ambience for them. The children are introduced with the basics of the elementary education through the vivid forms and passages that attract their minds to get actively engaged. We emphasize on well tested concepts like learning through rhymes, music and play. The pattern of nursery learning remains the same through different and vivid mediums employed by us. Besides, we also engage in the development of the innovative themes that can be leveraged to develop the nascent understanding in the child mind.

Developing positive learning synergisms

Our teachers have been trained in the Child Development and Psychology and they employ the best means to cater to the learning needs. We maintain below 1:10 teacher to children ratio and the teachers cater to the grooming needs of the children on one to one basis. The foremost objective is to prepare the child for the educational passages in the prospects through the use of the simple yet scientific means. We maintain separate audio visual rooms and our learning labs are designed intricately to offer the mental stimulations that develop and enhance the learning skills. Extra curricular activities like field excursions, soft play turfs, learning walls and corners, & shapes’ understanding are taken up to train the nascent energies in the best and desirable conducts so that the future educational passages are secured as uninterrupted and smooth for every child.