Thank you for making time to go through our website.  At TOTS, we create an environment filled with love, respect and lots of fun! My degrees in Human Development and School Counselling have trained me to be a fervent preschool educator. It has been a privilege utilising my knowledge & expertise in the field of Child Development to help children lead a thoughtful life.

At TOTS, we believe that happy children learn the best. We have fostered a space that does just that. We want children to feel safe to explore their creative side and ask a lot of questions.  TOTS give them sufficient structure yet we ensure that they are given an opportunity to take ownership of their learning from a very young age. While math and language skill development is crucial, we teach them all the skills that we take for granted like proper self-care, folding of napkins, and tying shoelaces.

Children ultimately learn by absorbing what they see grown-ups around them do. I would like to quote another educator, who said, “We want to give our children global boots and local roots”. A lot of concepts that we teach, are already fundamentally a part of our rich culture and heritage. One of the most important behaviours that we cultivate at TOTS, is respect for every being, be it a child’s peers, teachers, school helpers, or family. We foster an ethical environment and encourage the entire TOTS team to lead by example.

TRIO encourages its teachers and staff to be leaders in their own right. We have been granted a wonderful platform, where we get to trust our own expertise and improve upon practices. We are encouraged and supported to regularly attend professional development conferences and workshops to learn from other prominent educators and enhance our knowledge.

Our teachers utilise these opportunities and then come up with amazing ways to teach and help our pre-schoolers grow. TOTS prides in safe and open communication, that lead to practices which ultimately benefit the child. Children too have a lot of freedom, that is backed by safety measures, under watchful and experienced educators and assistants. Give your child a head start in life: give him/her a TRIO TOTS – start and watch him/her make strides into a bright future.

Ms. Greshma Momaya,
Head of Tots