TOTS Preschool- Grooming the Child Mind in the Best Conducts

Trio Tots Preschool offers one of the best preschool curriculum's to kids up to the age group of 5 years. It is one of the most spacious preschool in Bangalore. This preschool is spread in the area of not less than 12000 square feet and is developed to generate a wholesome experience for the overall grooming of the nascent mind at an early stage. In 2015, it has been awarded "Best Preschool curriculum" at World Education Summit, 2015 by the deputy CM of New Delhi.

Trio Tots Traits

Our curriculum will lead your child to be

Physically Fit
TOTS Preschool offers child grooming through well laid out four stages in succession.

The age cut off is as on 1st June.

These four stages have been composed with selected activities that offer a colorful play ambience to learn and live intelligently; while securing the fun orientations for the children in most innovative ways. We continuously endeavor to make the things better through inclusion of the tested concepts. We also pay attention to the safety aspects of the child so that he/she remains safe all the time in our custody.

A comprehensive ‘child protection policy’ is also practiced so that every child is offered a safe and guardian ambience.