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Find Out the Vital Parenting Tips to Establish the Best Results in Your Kid

TOTS Pre School has developed a tradition of child nurturing and grooming that is build over the past experiences. We have devoted a dedicated space at our website to share the same experiences with the new parents so that they derive significant inputs from these and complement as what we are trying to develop out of their child at the campus. It is very essential that the parents learn the proper techniques as how to take up the grooming at home so that the results are added up as positives, rather than being nullified! Here are the vital parenting tips that we are sharing with you; courtesy to the healthy ambiences that we have worked here and through which we derived these positive experiences. Have a look at these –

Allow the initiative of the child

This is the foremost and fundamental tip for the parents. You should never curb their initiatives on the pretext that they are engaging in littering or like that. Always maneuver their nascent doings and efforts. This will instill confidence and the child will loose the initial hesitations.

Be friendly

Instead of demanding more of the respect, just try to be friend with the child. He/she will love to get with you every time as a cheerful friend. This will keep the child active and learning as always. Too much of respect and etiquettes’ orientation at the pre school stage is undesirable.

Engage with the child as much as possible

Try to be with the child for as much time as possible. This will develop mutuality and affection which is the basis of positive communication. This will enhance the learning spirit.

Look out for fear and shyness

Find out whether the fear, shyness or any other negative characteristic is getting over pronounced in the child? If yes, then find out the reasons. Introduce the child in a positive manner to the object that is causing fear or shyness in him.

Don’t expect too much

Just do not expect too much at the early age and put the bar only to the extent which is proportionate to the age of child.

We have created fluent passages to allow the parents help in the smooth transition of the child from home to school. We are always ready to engage with parents to ensure holistic development of the child.

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