Our KG I & KG II sections offer the best of the learning and nurturing

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TOTS Pre School offers two successive stages of Kindergarten that are spread from 4- 5 years. We have developed the two stages as Kindergarten 1 (4 years) and Kindergarten 2 (5 years). These stages have been structured through intricate escorts so as to develop the learning skills in the nascent minds of the children. Kindergarten is all about reading and creating! Therefore we are relying on the notable learning concepts based on creative plays & games, singing, activities and engagement through story books! We have endeavored to provide a smoother transition to the educational passages in the academic pursuits of the child.

We employ the trusted and innovative methods

Our kindergarten classes (KG I & KG II) emphasize on the learning development abilities and aims to condition the child’s mind towards the educational needs so that none of the antipathies are developed. We rely on the core practices and concepts of engagement of minds through the best means.

We employ innovative play way methods including fun activities, experiments and games to take forward the process of learning development. Scientifically developed learning corners are maintained which are filled with vivid forms and learning materials including toys, beads, laces and play dough. The children can directly relate to these materials in a playful manner while their understanding skills are continuously developed indirectly. Visual folk storybooks form the integral component of our learning corners and spaces maintained in our Kindergarten sections.

Our primary objective is to engage the tots in their own world to explore their skills and ideas in form of toys and playrooms. This way we not only emphasize on the Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills of the tots, but also help them to adapt to their own universe through conceptual learning methods.

Inculcating the essentials -

The more significant is the development of the essential attributes such as the discipline, hygiene and oral etiquettes like greetings and wishes. We try and inculcate some of the best human traits and social skills so that the beginning of the composite and wholesome grooming could be started at the right stage. The child begins to get accustomed to his nascent society which is of course limited to the friends, teachers and the family.

 We are always geared to continuously improve our nurturing capabilities so that your child is trained in the best conducts.