Welcome to TRIO TOTS Preschool, HSR Layout.

Trio is proud to announce that Trio Tots, the most spacious preschool in Bangalore which has been presented with an award for "Innovation in Preschool Curriculum" at the World Education Summit 2015, New Delhi. Trio has decided to bring the calibre of Trio Tots' world class education to HSR Layout with its brand new centre. Trio Tots believes in keeping the magic of childhood alive throughout the journey of learning. We have lovingly put together a wondrous world where learning is by default, in an enchanted environment with love, respect and plenty of fun!

At Trio Tots, we have evolved beyond the limitations of traditional classrooms; we have transformed, moulded and rebuilt them into Learning Centers. Each center lets children immerse themselves completely into the what, why, where, who and how of a particular discipline. We make sure to nurture the whole personality of the child so that they thrive in the world beyond school.


Learning Centers

Language & Reading Center / Literacy Center
Math & Number Center / Numeracy Center
Science Center / Discovery Center
Art Center
Story telling & Dramatics Center
Music & Movement Center
Outdoor Center
Block & building Center / Construction Center

Play is the cornerstone of any learning at Trio Tots. Our group based approach lets a child can feel secure and separate easily from parents. We have put together a winning blend of Waldorf, Multiple Intelligence, Montessori and Learning Center Method so that your precious child does not have to choose the benefits of one method over the other. Children at Tots preschool will:

  • Learn to work and play with others
  • Develop of fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Receive stimulation for creative mental development
  • Learn to deal acceptably with emotions

Our preschool education enhances the following skills in children:

Social skills
Emotional skills
Physical skills
Cognitive skills
Motor skills
Language skills
Reasoning skills
Creative Skills

Day Care in HSR Layout

Trio Tots understands your need for a daycare centre you can trust for the safety & well-being of your child. We also want your precious little ones to enjoy their time with us! Trio Tots @ Preschools in HSR layout now offers daycare for children between 2 years and 12 years of age. The centre will be open up to 6:30 pm. We have incorporated well planned nap times, we serve healthy snacks and also conduct enriching activities for our tots.

Embrace futuristic learning with Trio Tots! Best Preschools in HSR Layout | Day Care in HSR Layout