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News : Admissions are open in Trio Tots HSR Layout center.

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TRIO TOTS Preschool nurtures young, global learners up to the age of 5 years, through a systematic and wholesome development process. The Trio Tots curriculum is built on the robust fundamentals of Kindergarten, Montessori and incorporates the principle of Multiple Intelligence. It offers a healthy, soothing and naturally lit atmosphere for the little ones to explore, discover, learn & grow. We have our own preschools branches in Sahakar Nagar and HSR Layout. Trio Tots serves as a stepping stone for little ones into Trio World School's comprehensive ICSE programme. You may also choose to enroll them into international curricula (IB and Cambridge), under Trio World Academy, based on the availability of seats.

Preschool education creates a long lasting, ripple effect on a child's future. Trio Tots is intelligently designed to give your child a start in life that they will benefit from forever. The design incorporates a balance between work and play, rest and activity. It takes into account the unique developmental phase of preschool children and the effect of various environmental influences on them, during this stage of their life. Our activities are tailored to meet the needs of children with different temperaments, interests, strengths and abilities. We help them take strong foundational steps and provide the right educational stimulation towards a fulfilling and enriching journey of education. Their journey towards socialization and cultivation of basic etiquette is guided by the hands of our able, affectionate and experienced group of teachers.

Trio Tots has been awarded for its Innovative preschool curriculum at World Education Summit, New Delhi in 2015. It is ranked among the best preschools in Bangalore. We believe in cultivating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for children. The teacher student ratio is maintained suitably low so that no child is given less attention than they deserve. Yet, we understand the unique need of a child to either choose to play in large groups or prefer smaller groups and/or solitary exploration.

TRIO TOTS offers playgroup for children of the age of 2 years, Nursery for the age group of 3 years, Kindergarten 1 and 2 for children of 4 years and 5 years respectively. Playgroup introduces children to the intriguing world of play based learning and exploration. Nursery aims to engage children through vivid storytelling, poems, music, art and physical activity. Special audio-visual rooms and learning labs have been created to aid in the nursery course. KG 1 and KG 2 curricula have been prepared to create a smooth transition into higher classes. Children at these levels are introduced to new conceptual learning methods. The foundation for important skills like reading, writing, self-control, conversation, and cooperation is established here. Our HSR Layout preschool also offers Day Care facility.

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TOTS is a preschool with the sensibilities of Global Learning where we encourage learning through inquiry, discovery and experience, without fear.


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